So here it is. A little corner of the Internet that will occasionally be updated with some dubious poetry. I’m still not sure if this is a vanity project, an exercise in self-humiliation, or just something to do for a bit of fun.

Whatever it is, it’s here; make of it what you will.

I have no pretensions to great style, form, technique or any ‘proper’ poetry skills. I’m too lazy and slapdash for that, and get bored too easily. Hopefully, however, the odd scribbling will capture an emotion, or chime a resonance somewhere. If not, so be it.

In the unlikely event you feel moved to reproduce something I’ve written elsewhere, please do check the copyright notice first. Thanks.

Please note, comments are moderated, so the first time you comment it may take a while for it to appear. Also, posts are dated according to when first written, so don’t be freaked out if there’s some back-fill that pre-dates this site existing.

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